We extend a warm and welcoming invitation to be baptised to all. Whether you are a parent wishing your child to be baptised, or you yourself are looking to be baptised, all are welcome.


Baptism: An overview: Baptism is a celebration of God’s love for you and your family. Part of the service of baptism includes these words:

"For you Jesus Christ came into the word;

for you he lived and showed God's love;

for you he suffered death on the Cross;

for you he triumphed over death, rising to newness of life;

for you he prays at God's right hand;

all this for you, before you could know anything of it."

In your Baptism , the word of Scripture is fulfilled: "We love, because God first loved us."


We would be delighted to help you celebrate this love and help you become a part of your local Methodist church in Stockton.


Baptism Connect

We recognise that Baptism is an important event in the life of a child and their family. In order to make the most of this, we will invite you to Baptism Connect – an regular event held across the circuit (group of churches) where you will be able to meet the minister who will perform the baptism, and members of the church which you will become part of. The session consists of engaging activities for the whole of the family to share in, to help you think and prepare yourselves for Baptism both on a practical and spiritual level. 

The circuit offer a wide range of activities and events for children and families across Stockton: childrens’ clubs, tots and toddler groups, family friendly services, Messy church, youth services, youth groups, table top sales and one off events. We would love to see you at something soon as this too is all for you.


Village Mentality

“It takes a whole village to raise a child”, so the African saying goes. We see parents, family, God parents and your church family all important for the successful growth of a child. In our busy world, where society seems to be increasingly isolating, with many pressures, we recognise that families need more support than ever. To this end, part of the Baptism journey is to help support those who support the child. We will offer time to God parents for them to explore what it means to be God parents, how they can support their God children, how to support the children they have been asked to look out for. “The Good God Parent Guide” is a session where we explore these themes to help God parents be confident and effective in their role.

Your Church Community

We can also help with your child’s development by inviting you to be part of the church where your child is baptised, helping them to get to know the rich heritage of Christianity, through teaching them Bible stories, encouraging positive self image, giving social, moral and spiritual teaching and helping them to understand more about the kind of world they have been born into. In addition, our church members will offer to pray for your child, and to be there for you when you need help and assistance. Jesus commands us to “Love your neighbour as yourself”. We want to love and support your children as much as you love them. Ultimately, we want to show you the love of God through Jesus Christ who will sustain you through all situations.

Confirmation of Faith

Were you baptised as a child? Do you now feel that you would like to reaffirm your baptism or find out more about the Christian faith? We would be delighted for anyone who wishes to confirm the promises made on their behalf through their baptism. Please contact one of the ministers or click here to send a message and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Confirmation is the next step in a person’s public declaration of their faith











Believer’s Baptism

If you have Christian faith, but know that you have not been baptised, you are welcome to speak to a member of the team or your local church, where we can talk about the importance of being baptised is, and how you can go about it. Simply get in touch through the website or Facebook. 

All This For You

If you would like to have a more detailed look at what Baptism means in the Methodist Church, and explore the meaning of this gift and open up the depths of meaning contained in the the signs and symbols of the Baptism service, ask for a book.

Baptismal Support Worker

Any questions about baptism, or church activities connected with baptism can be directed to Anne Day, the Baptismal Community Support Worker. Anne works as a lay (non ordained) worker for Stockton Methodist Circuit full time. Her role is to support the Methodist Churches, ministry team and families who request baptism. She has been a Christian for 30 years, and has extensive experience in working with children, families and young people within the church and local community. You can contact her here. Mobile/ Text: 07483 277694








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