Hymn books in the Churches - All Churches  have Hymns and Psalms


Would preachers kindly note that -  
Thornaby regularly use CDs to accompany hymns
St Andrew's sometimes use CDs to accompany hymns
North Billingham and Yarm Road use a hymnal machine to accompany hymns
Greens Lane sometimes use a hymnal machine 
Please check with Church stewards that the hymns chosen are available
Carlton:  Singing the Faith, Mission Praise volume 1
Eaglescliffe Trinity: Singing the Faith, Mission Praise (complete edition)
Greens Lane: Singing the Faith
Maltby:  Songs of Fellowship 1 & 2
North Billingham: Singing the Faith, Mission Praise (combined edition)
Norton: Singing the Faith, Songs of Fellowship Volume 1, 2 & 3
St. Andrew’s: Singing the Faith, Songs of Fellowship 1 and 2
St Paul's: Mission Praise Volume 1, Songs of Fellowship Volume 1
Thornaby: Mission Praise (combined edition) Songs of Fellowship 1, Power Praise, Singing the Faith and discs
Yarm: Yarm Praise, 25th Anniversary Ed of Mission Praise, Singing the Faith
Yarm Road: Mission Praise volume 1; Songs of Fellowship volumes 1